Unlocking Your Creativity 

Many people feel disconnected from their creativity believing themselves locked out of all artistry. They admire those who have the “gift” unaware or incapable of valuing their own. To honour your creativity is is to honour yourself, your life and to open a link to the Divine. 

In this workshop you will discover why it is impossible to not be creative, how to unlock its power and how this is both an expression of you and the divine within you. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Astrologer, Ana Isabel will guide you in a series of guided meditations to help you connect with your creative muse. You will record your experiences either by writing, drawing or music. You can choose which is your preferred medium.

You will need a notebook and pen, a sketch book and pencils, or a musical instrument.

£45 per person. Refreshments will be available.

Places are limited so please call 01483 202054 or email val.chandler@burrowslea.org.uk to secure your ticket.

N.B. This event is being run by 'Ana Isabel' and does not imply any personal or professional recommendation by Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. We accept the details offered to us by each practitioner in good faithAll details in the text belong solely to ‘Ana Isabel’ and not necessarily of the same opinion to Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.


Sunday 17th July


10am - 1pm


£45 pp