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This workshop will guide you to check in and complete a 'life and spiritual audit' and support you to refocus your life journey. The day takes a general spiritual approach, that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the uplifting activities. The aim is that you take away the elarnings that will make a positive difference to your spiritual and personal well-being.

Course Format    

The workshop will run from 10am to 4.30pm with a lunch break. There is a lovely coffee shop on site that serves a breakfast and lunch menu. 


There are no requirements as long as you are interested in personal and spiritual development or seeking more clarity and focus, or simply wanting renewed energy and direction going forward. 

The focus will be on:

  • showing you how to regularly check in and review areas of your life
  • identifying those areas needing personal transformation
  • aligning your focus and energy to your values
  • taking away learnings and actions that support you to move forward and to thrive


On site accommodation available on a first come first served basis. £90 pp per night for single accommodation and £72 pp per night for shared.

Workshop Cost: £47 per person

To book please contact Shelley 

Saturday 3rd February at 10am

Cost: £47 per person

Contact Shelley to book