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Alexander Technique Workshop

Thursday 10th October 2019
2pm - 4pm

An Alexander Technique Workshop
Finding support from Ground & Around with Annie Davenport Turner

Life can often feel tough. We can feel we are going it alone with not a lot of support from anywhere. This can lead to a holding on inside which exhausts and debilitates us, draining energy needed for other things, and leaving us with a kind of systematic disappointment.

This workshop will help you find the support from your environment and the ground, and have you discover how your incredible 'Earth Suit' body is designed to work with gravity; how it knows well how to self-support and thus support you.

We will play with how even being in a busy place can be supportive rather than demanding.

We will discover how to use the ground to both re-energise and come-to-calm when needed.

We will get curious about calming down & waking up at the same time; discovering how to be calm and clear, soft and strong, light and substantial.

Bring your questions and conundrums too and see what way through works best for you. It will be gentle with no leaping around and you can also just sit and observe— there are many ways in which we learn.

Annie Davenport Turner has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique for forty years. She also founded Open Voice to help people find the freedom to express and connect with confidence. She loves to help people find the ability to live with a resilient self-belief and to enjoy a soft, strong, self-kind and authentic way to be.

Download a PDF about this wellness talk.

Places are limited and so please contact Carolyn Low on 01483 203540 or email Carolyn.graeme@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to attend.

There is no charge for this event but donations are much appreciated.

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Burrows Lea, Shere, Surrey, GU5 9QG