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Sound Bath

Friday 15th October, 11am - 12.15am
Event held at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary
Tickets: £21 per person

The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation. It not only can penetrate the body at the cellular level but also opens our energetic body to healing, regeneration, and restoration to regain balance and harmony.

The singing bowl emits a unique tone that helps to prepare you for deep meditation, relaxation, calming as well as creative thinking.

Singing Bowl Benefits
Relives stress and anxiety
Boosts relaxation
Lowers blood pressure
Eases hypertension
Boosts immune system
Relieves pain
Calms the mind and body
Chakra balancing
Promotes mental
Emotional clarity

Booking is Essential, please call 07458 387155 or email thesoulabundance@gmail.com

Important Details
Please arrive 5 minutes early for a prompt start.
Please wear comfortable, loose warm clothing.
Bring your own yoga mat, cushion, water and blanket (your body temperature may drop as you go into deep relaxation).

N.B. This event is being run ‘The Soul Abundance’ and does not imply any personal or professional recommendation by us. We accept the details offered to us by each practitioner in good faith

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