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Healing For Animals

Your pet, like us, has the ability to overcome many physical problems given time but sometimes a little extra help is needed and, as with humans, emotional welfare is essential in promoting good health.

Our founder, Harry Edwards, treated animals with great success and our healers aim to carry on this tradition. 

Just like us, animals can benefit from spiritual healing, be it either by contact healing or sending healing thoughts.

We are happy to welcome animals into our sanctuary so please call 01483 202054 or email to arrange an appointment.

But if you can’t get to the Sanctuary then please do still contact us to help your beloved pet. Distant Healing can help too.

We receive letters every day from people telling us how they have benefited from Distant Healing and we would like to reach out to more animals with this service.

Give us a brief explanation of what’s going on with the diagnosis, if you have one, and we will connect with love and compassion to surround them with light and send healing to help them.

If you can, please send a picture for us to really connect with and focus our healing intentions on.

All you have to do is release and trust. Sometimes you may see a positive result quickly, sometimes healing takes time.

All healing is sent out for the animals highest good only.

Healing is a complementary treatment and veterinary advice should always be sought first.

We answer all emails, so if you don’t receive a response please check your junk mail.

To request Distant Healing please fill in the form or email us to request help .

Horse healing sleeping pup