Wherever You Are, We're Here For You

The HEHS Garden Club

Calling all keen gardeners. Would you like to join our wonderful HEHS Garden Club of wellbeing?

Is it time for you to explore a holistic approach? If so, then immerse yourself in a bit of green-thumbed therapy and come and join us.

We need help to maintain the grounds, so maybe there is a job for you. You could weed the flower beds and plant flowers in our borders. Why not sow some seeds and grow plants in our greenhouses? You can then put them in our garden or let our clients have some for a donation.

We all know that spending time outside and reconnecting with nature can benefit both our mental and physical wellbeing. The Sanctuary grounds are a perfect place to find this balance.

Tending to our outdoor spaces fosters our innate connection with the earth, creating a sense of order and calm in our lives by us observing nature and the cycle of seasons. It’s a valuable source of relaxation that helps get the stress out of our heads and allows us to be in the present moment.

To sign up please contact our volunteer coordinator Jean Hill with your availability by emailing jean.hill@burrowslea.org.uk